COVID-19 update

CPHIN would like to recognize all the incredible work being done by government regulators and healthcare professionals to contain the COVID-19 virus. We are living in unprecedented times, and Canada is working hard to develop a coordinated strategy between the provinces, federal government and healthcare providers, that is founded upon facts, statistics and data.

High quality data is essential in fighting disease, and the importance of creating an integrated healthcare data system has never been greater. Leveraging this data will help medical professionals and regulators harness its power to improve health outcomes for Canadians, both in times of crisis and in day-to-day life. 

CPHIN will continue to work with partners in the  healthcare and technology community to convene healthcare stakeholders and orchestrate initiatives accelerating the transformation of Canada’s healthcare system to enable personalized healthcare.

If you would like to learn more or find out how you can get involved with CPHIN, please visit our website at

Data is the greatest weapon we have to fight disease

The Canadian Personalized Healthcare Innovation Network (CPHIN) brings the Canadian healthcare system together to use the power of data to improve health outcomes for Canadians.

The Challenge

Health data holds the promise of improved treatments and better patient outcomes. But right now, health data is fragmented and untapped. Data that is collected isn’t being compiled and made accessible to create insights that could lead to better health outcomes or more efficient use of resources.

These challenges prevent the Canadian healthcare system from innovating and improving health outcomes for Canadians. CPHIN will address these challenges by transforming the Canadian healthcare system through the power of data. 


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