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CPHIN Reactor Series

About the Reactor Series

The Reactor Series is comprised of design-oriented workshops where healthcare system stakeholders work together to ideate, develop, iterate and refine each others’ programs. Together, we harness collaborative energy to develop implementation-ready demonstration programs. 

Join a uniquely diverse team of healthcare system stakeholders (including representation from government, academia, hospitals, and private industry) to co-design solutions that improve health outcomes for Canadians.

Register for the Reactor Workshop Now - December 8, 2022

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CPHIN Learning Health System Workshop

About the LHS Workshop

This session served as a call-to-action to co-create a collaborative network to accelerate innovation, build trust, and drive commitment towards a Learning Health System vision.  The workshop focused on understanding the different approaches that are being used to overcome the barriers associated with the collection of quality grade data that can then lead to decision grade evidence. CPHIN and key stakeholders across clinicians, academic institutions, regulatory agencies, industry, and patients came together to drive commitment with three overarching goals in mind:

BUILD TRUST and collaboration amongst key stakeholders; establishing alignment on the LHS, the urgency of the problem, and commitment to the solution
UNDERSTAND approaches being used today to overcome common barriers associated with the collection of quality data that can lead to decision grade evidence
IDENTIFY ideas that this network can advance and drive a commitment to collaborate towards the success of those ideas

Workshop Outputs - March 2022

Three major themes were identified following the workshop:

1. Improve data quality assurance practices and shift the culture toward trust in open-data / data stewardship and health literacy
2. Adoption of a ‘just do it’ attitude, building on the success of current initiatives to make progress rather than attempting to pursue perfection
3. Conscious collaboration across government bodies, research institutions, frontline healthcare providers, industry, and patients

To learn more, download the report below.