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We are dedicated to leveraging data to improve health outcomes for Canadians. From input to impact.

Our Vision for the Canadian Healthcare System

CPHIN’s vision is a learning healthcare system that uses data and innovation to improve health outcomes for Canadians.  

Harnessing the power of data is crucial for the advancement of personalized healthcare. We envision a transformed healthcare system that uses trusted, high-quality data to provide better suited recommendations and decisions around treatments, resources, services, and practices that benefit Canadians. We acknowledge that this can only be done by forming meaningful connections between public and private sectors, which is why we convene like-minded stakeholders from these fields. 

We want to ensure that these personalized solutions are made accessible to patients to enable the right treatments, to the right patients, at the right time. 

Our Mission

CPHIN is a connector that enables collaboration between a diverse network of healthcare stakeholders to accelerate innovation and improve the health outcomes for Canadians.

Our Work

CPHIN’s demonstration project approach aims to bring together stakeholders to focus on the use and application of real-world data, a crucial step in moving toward a learning health system

Build Trust

CPHIN enables trust and establishes a collaboration model between public and private healthcare ecosystem.

Accelerate Innovation

CPHIN builds commitment to integrate the use of RWD/RWE into decision-making processes to accelerate access to innovation.

Enable Shared Data

CPHIN works with healthcare institutions and data custodians to allow stakeholder access to quality data insights. 

Personalized Healthcare

CPHIN believes that all patients should receive the right treatment at the right time.

Having key healthcare stakeholders involved from the start ensures transparency and trust. As a result, CPHIN projects are designed to generate quality, trusted data for regulatory, reimbursement, and clinical decision making.


CPHIN is committed to conducting its activities with ethical and professional standards. Any complaints, concerning CPHIN or the conduct of CPHIN employees, members, or partners can be made directly to the Tandem Team by