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Our Goal

The goal of the Lung Kick Start Program is to determine, through real-world data, the sequencing of testing and treatment that produces the best health outcomes for specific lung cancer patients. 


Our Approach

Our System Transformation Goals

  • Consensus electronic clinical treatment guidelines based on real-world evidence
  • Provincial funding for multi-gene testing
  • Approval for use of liquid biopsies for patients who have no available tissue

Our Partners

Featured Applications

As curators and harmonizers of health data, Pentavere will ensure unstructured data becomes structured, unlocking deeper insights from the data.

Leveraging their expertise in imaging, AI, and machine learning, 1QBit will create and validate a performance index to determine real-world treatment response rates.

As providers of privacy-protected data sharing platforms, Bitnobi will ensure a secure interface between data providers and end users while ensuring data remains at its source.