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My Health Data Path

CPHIN joined other collaborators who came together to build this website in order to make the value of data easier to understand. Multiple groups of people – people living with health conditions, and people who aren’t, created this website with the aim of being useful for everyone, functional, easy to navigate, and informative.

Policy Modernization

Policy Modernization Group: CPHIN is a proud supporter of the Policy Modernization Group, a multi-stakeholder collaborative which envisions a healthcare system that is grounded in modern data policies across all therapeutic areas. The group is comprised of Pan_Canadian healthcare subject matter experts including patient advocates, data and privacy lawyers, researchers, ethicists, clinicians, government representatives, industry members, and consultants.

Real-World Evidence & Access in Canadian Healthcare (REACH) Program

Goal: To support Health Canada and CADTH in the development of a framework that will allow for the use of RWD/E in decision making throughout the lifecycle of a medication.

Background: Health Canada and CADTH are working to make better use of real-world evidence (RWE) to support regulatory and funding decisions across a product’s life cycle for both drugs and medical devices.

In collaboration with CPHIN, two 2-day sprints were held to design a new specialized pathway allowing for the collection of high quality RWE, upon which regulatory and reimbursement decisions can be made, where non-RCT data is critical.

Why is this Important?

  • Allows bolstering of clinical trial data through insights from RWE
  • Make regulatory and funding decisions, facilitating earlier access for patients
  • Improved communication between organizations

Desired Outcomes

  • Successful launch of framework
  • Establishment of ongoing relationships to co-create
  • Creating an environment where patients can gain access to medications faster