CPHIN’s Benefits to Canada


Patients will have more equitable and higher-quality care informed by the latest real-world evidence. The data and insights are especially beneficial for Canadians in remote and isolated communities, who often travel long distances to receive quality care.


CPHIN will help doctors tailor their treatments for patients using genomic data and real-world data. Doctors can also learn from the experiences and outcomes of patients with similar de-identified profiles from across Canada.


Researchers will access a range of robust and de-identified data through Kick Start Programs, reducing the need for data collection and repetitive research. This will save time and money and will allow more research to be done.


Insights from CPHIN will help government make more effective decisions about where to put healthcare resources based on real-world evidence. This will help improve healthcare system sustainability.

Start-ups and scale-ups

CPHIN provides start-ups and scale-ups an opportunity to develop their new technologies and innovations, build expertise, tap into new partnership opportunities, and grow their companies.

Private sector

CPHIN provides an ecosystem to transform research and development for products across the spectrum of care and to improve outcomes for patients.


CPHIN supports increased economic development by building Canadian expertise in personalized healthcare and data, by bringing greater R&D investment, and by making Canada a more attractive jurisdiction for life sciences businesses and professionals.