What are Kick Start Programs?

Kick Start Programs (KSPs) are research programs sponsored by CPHIN members that are implemented in the real world and that use aggregated, de-identified data to turn personalized healthcare research into applied technologies, processes, and programs.


Who implements Kick Start Programs?

Academics, researchers, technology providers, health technology assessment authorities, biotechnology companies, and government will come together and use their collective expertise to lead Kick Start Programs. Individuals or organizations must be members of CPHIN to propose or sponsor a Kick Start Program.


What is their impact?

These programs will de-identify and integrate real-world data to uncover insights that lead to personal healthcare discoveries. These programs demonstrate the tangible value of data within the healthcare system and how its use leads to better patient care. The evidence generated through CPHIN Kick Start Programs will demonstrate the value of data integration, portability, and accessibility.